31 December 2010

slipping to eleven

this blog gave me a brand: qwerck

did a .com, a Blogger blog, a WP blog, a Gmail account and a Twitter account.

all of which made me self-conscious, as did writing to mf about it.

30 December 2010

last days of 2010

so many things to do.

for VD&C, these links: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/12/30/arts/design/30mecca.html
and a Twitter account. << yet to do

for me, an e-newsletter telling people what I've been up to. ok, I hate those things myself, but I've been out of touch with most people for a looooong time... << no

exercise, fiction and poetry. a note on pffa about false positives? a thank you to Ray, and a bit of an explanation to the other Warrior Poets. the sun is out today. the snow is melting. << did the thanks to WP, no pffa note.