18 December 2011

Travel, recalled

The morning we arrived, pepper exploded in scrambled eggs
made, by Dad, with butter, pipe-smoke and an absence
of everyone else.   

27 November 2011


If happiness is honey, tickly-thick
enough to make you choke,
if happiness is wine, a smooth swallow
and a short-lived high,
if you're defended against joy,    

16 September 2011

Tere liye, life goes on...

Present moments: listening to this still - it came in via Outlandish's Facebook feed. I'm still a little open-mouthed at how ebrahim / @eebsofresh wraps his voice in, out and around the lyrics to make something totally new of the song - a cover of Frank Ocean's Swim Good.

I do wonder about ebrahim's pronunciation of Swayze, though.

And I'm still loving Sam Sifton's food review writing for the NYTimes:  

27 August 2011

No words

Please, don't speak when I'm making art or thinking about palettes with no greens, pigment granulation or studio space. I won't hear you. I'll deflect your conversation. Don't wait for me, I have no words.

After having been away from art for years, I'm back to it. And I'm finding that it unmoors me from directionality, taking me into myriad-threaded deltas of possibilities, from which a wildness spills over, even into talking or writing.

15 August 2011


Kieślowski's Heaven, cinematographer Frank Griebe: the way his shots define the architecture of a person, as well as of a building. Light, masses, volumes, voids, angles and implied motion - the traces of time, the presence of the observer and the consumer, a gentle feaster. Brilliant editing by Mathilde Bonnefoy, too.

My review of Heaven?

Maybe the most beautiful cinematography I've ever seen. Frank Griebe, who also shot such films as Run Lola Run, can make anything look exquisitely beautiful. Innate beauty, and the freedom inside all of us that beauty delineates, is central to the story here. It's what lets love happen, it's what lets life continue even when death is all around. Masterful acting, excellent writing, a tender score... what more do you need? Not your average movie. But quite an experience. A slow chase movie, a quiet thriller, a gentle love story.

28 July 2011

High summer, mid-afternoon

Then thank you, oh food delivery service, for running out of local peaches and cornish hens last night, so I ordered Finger Lakes plums, curried chicken salad and chocolate cookies. Then thank you again, for running out of chocolate cookies, so I ordered white-chocolate-and-dried-cherries cookies. And thank you again, for offering summer juices from the upstate orchard that grows the plums, and yes I ordered some. 

22 June 2011

Hera: from India?

The Wiki entry for Hera says that peacocks and cattle are the animals that were most closely associated with her, in ancient Greece. The usual milch animal in Greece was the goat; peacocks did not exist in Greece. Was Hera from India originally?

19 June 2011

Questions, answered

For me, movies are a fantastical experience, and when the moviemaker doesn't honor his or her participation in the world of fantasy, I get bored. On the other hand, movies always raise realistic questions for me, like: Who cleans up the mess when after a fight? What happens to the bodies? If a hero's a great marksman, why shoot twenty rounds when one or two would do? If a hero's a great man, why can't he do a little more by way of being noble? Act from good, in the moment, always? 

17 June 2011

What my hands made once

Early school days: A dirndl skirt of unbleached muslin printed with a floral pattern in indigo dye, my first hand-made creation, made from cloth given to me by a textile factory manager when my father took me on a factory-visiting trip when I was seven. A reddish corduroy sleeveless jumper dress. Both garments surprised me in how a piece of flat cloth is transformed into something dimensional, beautiful, resilient and useful. 

28 April 2011


Cr — t and cr — t both have wickets. One's boring, the other's chess on the run.

Croquet's wickets I confused with cricket's, as a kid, so gave cricket a miss for too long. Love it now, though I don't know it very well.

Croquet is varnished wooden pieces peeled, worn, greyed and split by summer rains, wire and wood pieces lost in overgrown grasses, toes cut or stubbed when the pieces are found by oblivious bare feet in shadowed, still-uncut lawns at summers' ends.

Cricket is something else.

10 April 2011


I think of plans as promises. Since, all too often, life's crazinesses interfere with promises, my solution is compromise - I don't plan tightly. Instead, I sketch ideas and allow life to interfere.

Yesterday, the sketched-in day had included treks to the top and bottom of Manhattan island, for note-taking for a novel that's been in-work for a while. But life had slapped me with a strong reaction to a toxic environment at work, so, feeling stiff and feverish, home and bed became my substitute mode du jour, and instead of trekking and working, a mix of sleep with streamed films via Netflix, Amazon and Hulu filled the day and night. 

03 April 2011

Telling a story

Uninflected, well-paced, textured.

Inflection, via Mamet on film direction.

26 March 2011


a tulou is: protective housing for extended families, offering safety, warmth, community. an ancient form of clan-based housing that developed in China's Fujian province.

19 March 2011

Walking meditations


  • the doll in the corner
  • recognizing the hero's enemy
  • who do we tell stories for?

06 March 2011

For me and VD&C

Pierre Paulin's f-598 chair - at Hive...

Heaven for me: a home furnished entirely with Pierre Paulin pieces.

28 January 2011


31 morae, 5-7-5-7-7, or, roughly, short-long-short-long-long

and this by Chen-ou Liu

26 January 2011

Writing poems



tanka prose
  • haiku - 3 lines, 10 to 17 morae as roughly 5-7-5, about nature, with kireji and kigo
  • senryū - 3 lines, 17 or fewer morae, about human foibles, cynical or darkly humorous, with no kireji (cutting word) or kigo (season word)
  • monoku - 1-line haiku
  • tanka - 5 lines, roughly 5-7-5-7-7
  • jo-ha-kyu as a dramatic arc underlying these forms

15 January 2011

good ad


from http://www.youtube.com/foodbank4nyc

from http://www.foodbanknyc.org

12 January 2011

words and art and design

My words come from my heart. I find it hard to write words when I'm analytical. Yet my daily, paid word is often very analytical.

I have an even deeper problem when it comes to visual art. I have to do it with feeling and hands... and it requires me to disconnect from others, which is lonely, yet it requires me to open my heart up all the way and experience and make things sensually. It is, thus, a too-vulnerable place to be.

10 January 2011

a crazy few days

too much work work, including statistical analyses, for which I'm not trained and which I dislike, even though I do a good job.

wanna make a list of words I'm tired of but I'm too tired to make lists of anything.

05 January 2011

more VD&C

1,420-square-foot hydroponic farm grown on the roof of a NYC public school, can produce 8,000 pounds of food annually

Interesting logo redesign by Starbucks. I like it, but removing the name seems risky -

02 January 2011

gray day

nothin but sleep and an interrupted viewing of The Parallax View, which was very good, though I don't like films from that time, and reading new QueryShark updates and pffa comments.

to do: long walk, buy some juice, change my working area, sleep again.

01 January 2011

first of the new

so tired from being up almost all night. work to do:
org workspace.
answer D, whose unpredictability is a weapon and I don't want to be in her wars
walk in the slushy snow.
call family.
see how much time, energy and light are left for regular chores.

what's in me that gives my love to others?

- - -

so here's what I actually did: answered D, said HNY on SandC, wrote 3 crits on the EveryAuthor fiction forum.

the day's not done, as yet.