27 August 2011

No words

Please, don't speak when I'm making art or thinking about palettes with no greens, pigment granulation or studio space. I won't hear you. I'll deflect your conversation. Don't wait for me, I have no words.

After having been away from art for years, I'm back to it. And I'm finding that it unmoors me from directionality, taking me into myriad-threaded deltas of possibilities, from which a wildness spills over, even into talking or writing.

15 August 2011


KieĊ›lowski's Heaven, cinematographer Frank Griebe: the way his shots define the architecture of a person, as well as of a building. Light, masses, volumes, voids, angles and implied motion - the traces of time, the presence of the observer and the consumer, a gentle feaster. Brilliant editing by Mathilde Bonnefoy, too.

My review of Heaven?

Maybe the most beautiful cinematography I've ever seen. Frank Griebe, who also shot such films as Run Lola Run, can make anything look exquisitely beautiful. Innate beauty, and the freedom inside all of us that beauty delineates, is central to the story here. It's what lets love happen, it's what lets life continue even when death is all around. Masterful acting, excellent writing, a tender score... what more do you need? Not your average movie. But quite an experience. A slow chase movie, a quiet thriller, a gentle love story.