28 January 2011


31 morae, 5-7-5-7-7, or, roughly, short-long-short-long-long

and this by Chen-ou Liu

26 January 2011

Writing poems



tanka prose
  • haiku - 3 lines, 10 to 17 morae as roughly 5-7-5, about nature, with kireji and kigo
  • senryĆ« - 3 lines, 17 or fewer morae, about human foibles, cynical or darkly humorous, with no kireji (cutting word) or kigo (season word)
  • monoku - 1-line haiku
  • tanka - 5 lines, roughly 5-7-5-7-7
  • jo-ha-kyu as a dramatic arc underlying these forms

15 January 2011

good ad


from http://www.youtube.com/foodbank4nyc

from http://www.foodbanknyc.org

12 January 2011

words and art and design

My words come from my heart. I find it hard to write words when I'm analytical. Yet my daily, paid word is often very analytical.

I have an even deeper problem when it comes to visual art. I have to do it with feeling and hands... and it requires me to disconnect from others, which is lonely, yet it requires me to open my heart up all the way and experience and make things sensually. It is, thus, a too-vulnerable place to be.

10 January 2011

a crazy few days

too much work work, including statistical analyses, for which I'm not trained and which I dislike, even though I do a good job.

wanna make a list of words I'm tired of but I'm too tired to make lists of anything.

05 January 2011

more VD&C

1,420-square-foot hydroponic farm grown on the roof of a NYC public school, can produce 8,000 pounds of food annually

Interesting logo redesign by Starbucks. I like it, but removing the name seems risky -

02 January 2011

gray day

nothin but sleep and an interrupted viewing of The Parallax View, which was very good, though I don't like films from that time, and reading new QueryShark updates and pffa comments.

to do: long walk, buy some juice, change my working area, sleep again.

01 January 2011

first of the new

so tired from being up almost all night. work to do:
org workspace.
answer D, whose unpredictability is a weapon and I don't want to be in her wars
walk in the slushy snow.
call family.
see how much time, energy and light are left for regular chores.

what's in me that gives my love to others?

- - -

so here's what I actually did: answered D, said HNY on SandC, wrote 3 crits on the EveryAuthor fiction forum.

the day's not done, as yet.