28 February 2012

Ego corrections

To those who think quiet ones are born to listen: chup! That's not a strangulated bird sound. It's Hindi. Use Google Translate.

To those whose breasts and chests swell every time they order others around: tsk-tsk. Stand up and work.

To those who tread on others' toes when they go looking for boundaries: stop soft, look around, listen.

To those peering through runnels of blood flowing from self-inflicted wounds: take a walk in the wind.

To those who think forebearance is laughably weak: see you in the next lifetime, shayad.

To those who think their insomnia is special: nahin. Only, no one taught you that humans evolved with a dual-period daily sleep habit. Read this.

* * *

To my farishta-ji, who sometimes takes on others' sins, as well as his own: none of these are you. Nor do you have anything to apologize for. xxx.

To those who sleep when far-away countries do and see far-away cities' night stars: hi, ji. That's me, too. xxx.