28 February 2012

Ego corrections

To those who think quiet ones are born to listen: chup! That's not a strangulated bird sound. It's Hindi. Use Google Translate.

To those whose breasts and chests swell every time they order others around: tsk-tsk. Stand up and work.

To those who tread on others' toes when they go looking for boundaries: stop soft, look around, listen.

To those peering through runnels of blood flowing from self-inflicted wounds: take a walk in the wind.

To those who think forebearance is laughably weak: see you in the next lifetime, shayad.

To those who think their insomnia is special: nahin. Only, no one taught you that humans evolved with a dual-period daily sleep habit. Read this.

* * *

To my farishta-ji, who sometimes takes on others' sins, as well as his own: none of these are you. Nor do you have anything to apologize for. xxx.

To those who sleep when far-away countries do and see far-away cities' night stars: hi, ji. That's me, too. xxx.


  1. Replies
    1. Gopika, hello! :) Thank you. Thought when I posted this I was too harsh. Have learned since I was too soft. Yet that is still how I too often look at things - soft. :( I even forgot I wrote this. But, have been learning - like using amulets & prayers, after realizing these are needed. On Tuesday, fresh ugliness swirled out at me from the person who was the trigger for this post. If one doesn't know what that is when it's happening, one takes it as one's own problem. No joking, it can be lethal. This post was early on in a process of discovering the bad in people, that I had too often glossed over before, & learning how to put up a defense that would actually work.