31 October 2015

A third of a hundred yaadein

  1. Sandalwood powder in a lidded bowl of repoussé silver   
  2. Black block-printed birds flung across red khadi cloth 
  3. Modest celebration of long knotted fringes at ends of stiff peach-colored watered-silk shawl
  4. Salt air stung nose and slidiness of seawater mixed with sand underfoot
  5. Sweet silky-soft fescue grass
  6. Pink silk damask dress
  7. Weight and slip of long white linen dress lined in white silk
  8. Toasted marshmallows ash outside and cream within
  9. Steamy velvet of sautéed just-picked eggplant / brinjal / aubergine
  10. Umami and tanginess of spareribs slow-braised in sauerkraut seasoned with black pepper and brown sugar
  11. Delicacy of fresh spinach steamed with flecks of water and sprinkle of sea salt
  12. Soft warm familiar roughness of wool tweed being sewn by hand
  13. Foal's eyelashes, soft nose, hungry teeth
  14. Walnuts, oranges, cut rock hard candy, balsam fir, snow at night
  15. Two cats, one window, one tree to climb, maple bedstead, plum-colored comforter, guitar
  16. Incised copper vases, stone hearth, Persian rug, walnut and bronze table, wrought-iron tools
  17. Onion-skin typing paper's resistance to all art mediums
  18. Painting at night
  19. Freezing all winter for vanity's sake in fuschia and persimmon double-faced wool jacket 
  20. Anonymous safety of woman wearing man's long, dark trenchcoat
  21. Snuggly comfort of boat shoes
  22. Steadiness of riding boots
  23. Lipstick-red calfskin slingbacks that weren't suitable anywhere but looked so good
  24. Summers of long cotton skirts, linen blazers and blouses, Chanel-style flats
  25. Underwater somersaults
  26. A penny a beetle, never paid 
  27. Raspberries
  28. Blackberries
  29. Fritzi's pale-mauve grape jelly
  30. Fritzi's scrambled eggs and toast
  31. Sunshower in an arch of elm trees
  32. Sculpting crusts of snow
  33. Jade and coral treasure

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